Texts based on the "Franciscan Fonts"  rielaborated by Luisa Zappa Branduardi Musics: Angelo Branduardi
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San Francesco
EMI Music Italy 2000
Notes of cover:
"The life of St. Francis of Assisi is the one of a man that becomes saint, a true saint,: exemplary and exceptional.
Decidedly Christian in his choice to live plainly the gospel, he doesn't stop for as much being a man.
St. Francis is a man (and therefore a saint) making the choice of the joie de vivre, he recommends it to his disciples, he likes poverty "ever detached of joy."
What fascinates me is that St. Francis, it is the solar being, his vital energy that makes that he is so distant of the gloomy and excited faces of the traditional monastic spirituality.
That is why I feel that his character, fragile and extraordinarily vigorous, is more than ever living to the breasts of the passions and problems of today: poverty, illness, marginalization, ecology, behavior facing "the other", war.
St. Francis of Assisi is today more than ever, a saint but also a great poet.
He liked to sing and didn't deprive itself of it, even lonely.
To come with his Hymn of the Creatures, St. Francis composed a music today disappeared; I tempted to give back a voice to his words so that one can again sing them.
Such is the reason that pushed me to put in music some of the passages of his writings and the episodes of his life pulled from the Franciscan fonts.
It is a fact: St. Francis was a poet, he liked to sing and he was a saint."
Angelo Branduardi



L'infinitamente Piccolo










Track List:

1. Il cantico delle creature
2. Il sultano di Babilonia e la prostituta
3. Il lupo di Gubbio
4. Audite poverelle
5. Divina Commedia, Paradiso, Canto XI
6. Il trattato dei miracoli
7. Nelle Paludi di Venezia Francesco si fermo a pregare e tutto tacque
8. La Regola
9. La predica della Perfetta Letizia
10. La Morte di Francesco
11. Salmo
















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