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St. Francis




The Lauda of St Francis is the logical and artistical continuation of the project of the “Infinitamente Piccolo”, album of the artist Angelo Branduardi, published by EMI in 2000, of which the concert has been an enormous success and has been presented to the public of youths in Rome, in the presence of Pope Jean-Paul II and an hundred of million of young people gathered at Rome in august 2000.

On stage: images, shapes and colours inspirated to the paintings of Giotto; dialogues, costumes and thematic surprisingly rich of analogies in spite of times and cultures as distant between them. It is a multilevel work, a set of concentric circles destined to unite the depth of the theater declaimed, the eternal harmony of the shapes of the dance and the depth of the music of Angelo Branduardi.

The lauda is a poetic and musical composition and its origin goes back up to the Hymn, in which the religious feeling discovers for the first time the world of the nature. The dramatic lauda, is nothing else that a form led by the new civilization, flourishing in this extreme age of the Middle Ages that saw the germ of the modern life. The religion became more human, nearer, around the human and in the human. In contrast with the temporary power of Rome, the Heretics, the new Orders and the religious companies fought to restore the religion to the laymen, to put the teachings of the divine speech accessible to all. And it is, therefore, natural that is born in Umbria of Holy Francis and on his example. The lauda will accomplish an unexpected and very popular course culminating with its highest consequence: the Comedy of Dante. FRANCESCO wants to take, to embrace and to be inspired by this ancient and always moving form of art.

The Lauda of St Francis is a representation of all these expressive forms in a context unique and interactive between them. The ballerinas sing, recite, the actors dance, play and sing. A deep spectacle capable to teach a lot that there attends, but at the same time happy and rich in suggestions that will surely satisfy the eyes and the heart of the public .




L'infinitamente Piccolo
Music Angelo Branduardi, Text  Luisa Zappa Branduardi, Staging by Oreste Castagna,  choregraphy by Alberta Palmisano


































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